Welcome to GH Payscheme: George Hay’s Payroll Bureau in Biggleswade, Huntingdon and Letchworth

GH Payscheme provides a dedicated outsourced payroll and pay advice service to all industry sectors, tailored to the needs of your business.

Our Payroll Bureau in Biggleswade, Letchworth and Huntingdon is run by a team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals, who are well equipped to assist you with any payroll query you may have.

We can offer you:

  • a tailored, personal payroll service using the latest technology;
  • competitive pricing that is fixed in advance, giving you total transparency;
  • the reassurance of using a quality payroll provider, who has been leading the field for over 50 years; as well as
  • a helpline number so you can call us for friendly advice whenever you need it.

Why choose GH Payscheme?

  • Are you concerned that your payroll is not being run correctly and that mistakes are being made?
  • Could the time and energy spent preparing your employees’ payroll be used more productively elsewhere in your business?
  • Do you find the process difficult and confusing at times?
  • Would you like to save yourself the cost of maintaining dedicated up-to-date payroll software?
  • Do you need to comply with HM Revenue & Customs requirements for mandatory electronic filing but don’t have the means to do so?
  • Would you like to have a full disaster recovery plan and back-up procedure in place?
  • Does the thought of a HM Revenue & Customs PAYE and National Insurance inspection ever concern you?

If you felt you could answer yes to any of these questions, outsourcing your payroll could be the answer.

Outsourcing your payroll function

We already help many businesses in Biggleswade, Huntingdon, Letchworth and further afield to outsource their payroll function. We can help your business too and we do so by following these simple steps:

  1. We have a no obligation discussion with you to discover your needs and identify how we can assist you
  2. We work with you to ensure a smooth transition
  3. You supply us with initial rates of pay, tax codes national insurance numbers pension information etc.
  4. You send us before each pay run your data or changes to standing information in either electronic or paper format
  5. We process the payroll and dispatch a report to you for approval
  6. Following approval, we forward payslips to you by 1st class mail or courier (or where instructed to the employee direct)
  7. Your employees are paid via BACS, on the appropriate pay day (or by any preferred method)
  8. Your monthly PAYE & NIC liability is calculated and settled via BACS if chosen
  9. Any electronic filing obligations are fulfilled as necessary

What can GH Payscheme do for you?

  • We can deal with Payrolls between 1 – 500 employees
  • Conduct weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly and monthly pay runs from information supplied to us in a format chosen by you.
  • SSP/SMP calculations
  • Direct payment to employees by BACS transfer
  • Produce confidential payslips with direct posting facility if required
  • Run payroll reports showing departmental costings and nominal ledger posting report
  • Year End returns P35, P14, P60’s
  • Completion of all regulatory forms, P45 / P46
  • Electronic filing with HM Revenue & Customs
  • Auto Enrolment and workplace pensions

Automatic Enrolment

Automatic Enrolment is the government’s flagship scheme intended to get people saving for retirement. It affects businesses like yours in Biggleswade, Letchworth, Huntingdon and throughout the country.

All UK employers are required to automatically enrol their eligible employees into a qualifying workplace pension scheme. Along with enrolling the employee who will make contributions, the employer will also be required to make minimum contributions into the scheme.

The phased roll-out of Auto-Enrolment began with the largest companies in October 2012 and came to an end in March 2018.

Rules are now in place that mean new employers, who took on workers for the first time on or after 1 October 2017, have an immediate obligation to enrol eligible employees into a qualifying pension scheme. Their duties take effect on the first day that the first member of staff began working for them, known as their ‘duties start date’.

When it comes to choosing the right pension scheme, you will need to make sure it fulfils all the qualifying workplace pension requirements. Alternatively, you can opt to use the government’s default scheme, the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST), should you not wish to upgrade an existing scheme or implement a new one.

Does Auto-Enrolment apply to you?

If you have at least one member of staff on your Payroll who is paid via a PAYE scheme, Automatic Enrolment duties will apply. The only time that they do not apply is when a company or individual are not considered to be an employer.

  • You won’t have any auto enrolment duties if you meet one of the following criteria:
  • you’re a sole director company, with no other staff
  • your company has a number of directors, none of whom has an employment contract
  • your company has a number of directors, only one of whom has an employment contract
  • your company has ceased trading
  • your company has gone into liquidation
  • your company has been dissolved

At GH Payscheme, George Hay’s specialist Payroll Bureau in Biggleswade, Letchworth and Huntingdon, our team can assist you with administering your chosen workplace pension scheme and help you to ensure that you comply with all of the requirements of Automatic Enrolment.

We can also offer you access to independent financial advisers, who can help you fulfil your pension obligations. Automatic enrolment will apply if more than one director has a contract of employment, be it a written or verbal contract. For more information about Automatic Enrolment or payroll in Biggleswade, Letchworth and Huntingdon please contact us.