Pension submissions: Manual input open to inaccuracy

We were contacted by a business who wanted to discuss engaging GH Payscheme for payroll support. In early discussions, we also learned that they were managing their own pension submissions; each month, they were manually inputting data onto the pension provider’s website, which was proving to be both time consuming, and prone to error.

Handling pension submissions on employers behalf

We were able to give the client options for streamlining this process, whilst also ensuring the quality of the data being supplied; these were as follows:

  • GH Payscheme provide CSV file, in correct layout, with all the appropriate information recorded for the client to import to the provider’s website; or,
  • GH Payscheme create the CSV file and import to the provider’s website on the clients behalf.

On this occasion, our client decided to instruct us to manage the imports of data on their behalf, in addition to processing their payroll.

Saving time and eradicating errors

Each month, after finalising the clients payroll, we export the relevant pensions information from our software, and upload this directly onto the pension provider’s website. This saves time for the employer, and eradicates the need for manual entry, so reduces errors.

We also check the pension website for notifications frequently to ensure the pension information on both sides is always up to date.

Whilst we manage these processes on our clients behalf, they still have access to their pension portal and so can view any submissions that we make and download any information that they require, at any time.

Contact us today, to discuss how we can help you to outsource your payroll and manage accurate pensions submissions on your behalf, on 01767 220199.

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