Established business taking on employees for the first time

An existing client of George Hay found themselves in a position to take on employees for the first time, and so wanted to utilise our payroll services in addition to the suite of support they already had in place.

PAYE, employer obligations and the first payday

We helped the client to identify and understand their responsibilities as an employer and explained what they would need to do to prepare for taking on staff – i.e., registering for PAYE with HM Revenue & Customs, and setting up a compliant pension scheme.

Working collaboratively with our client, we set up the PAYE scheme with HMRC and, once they had researched and selected a pension scheme, we set this up too.

The client can log in to their account whenever they wish, to vide any information that we submit on their behalf.

On the first payday, we processed payroll and, in addition to the usual payslips, reports and HMRC filings, we also assessed the workforce, enrolled eligible employees into the pension scheme and produced corresponding statutory communications to this effect.

We also completed the necessary Declaration of Compliance, for submission to The Pensions Regulator.

Ongoing compliance taken care of

Going forward, we continually monitor and assess the workforce for the purposes of Auto-Enrolment, we monitor the clients pension mailbox for any opt outs and notifications and, when the time comes, we will manage their re-enrolment.

Whilst we cannot stress enough, the importance of employers being aware of their duties, by outsourcing payroll and pensions to a professional payroll bureau they can be assured that compliance is always taken care of.

Contact us today, to discuss how we can help you to outsource your payroll and manage accurate pensions submissions on your behalf, on 01767 220199.

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