COVID-19 – Adapt, Rebuild and Recover – we’re here to help you, whether you’re rebuilding, recovering, or thriving with a renewed focus.

We are experiencing extraordinary times and as we all work to accommodate the ‘new normal,’ we face new personal and business challenges in the weeks and months ahead together.

How can we help?

With the Government having published its recovery strategy and ‘roadmap’ out of lockdown, many businesses will have begun to think about what a return to the workplace will look like and how they can start to recover from the crisis and, where necessary, rebuild.

Others may find themselves thriving as a result of the changes, adapting their plans accordingly and thinking about the future of their business with a renewed focus.

As the situation develops and we move towards a world post-Coronavirus, the package of measures introduced by the Government to support businesses throughout the pandemic and the official guidance published to date will, of course, continue to be key. Explore our Coronavirus Business Advice Hub for more on the support available to you.

However, we also want you to know that we are here for you, whatever your circumstances. We can offer you practical support, we can help you to identify workable solutions for both the short- and long-term and we can act as an impartial but knowledgeable sounding board as you weigh up your options, helping you to realise your objectives.

Start-up businesses

It is often said that necessity is the mother of invention and many would-be entrepreneurs will emerge from the Coronavirus with innovative ideas for start-up businesses.

It may be that you have taken a redundancy package and are now ready to strike out alone or the recent pandemic may have resulted in you re-evaluating your life goals, leading to the decision to become your own boss.

Whatever the reason, our team of experts can help you to ensure that you take those first steps with confidence. Get in touch with our team to discuss your circumstances in more detail.

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All businesses

The economic crisis resulting from the Coronavirus outbreak has sent shockwaves through businesses large and small. So, as business owners and directors look toward life after lockdown, it is advisable to take stock and implement a plan to help the business ‘bounce back’. We offer a range of business advisory services, to businesses of all sizes across an array of industry sectors.


The self-employed are another demographic that have been significantly impacted by Coronavirus; from tradespeople to online shop owners. Whilst often practiced in being resilient and flexible, the pandemic presents challenges never before experienced. After announcing the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) to support employees back in March, the Government responded to lobbying on behalf of the self-employed with the announcement of the Self-Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS) days later. As we navigate through the crisis, this has so far proven to be and will continue to be a lifeline for the millions of those who are eligible to make a claim under the scheme.

Fourth SEISS Grants open for claims


Following the easing of the lockdown, as an employer you will undoubtedly have many questions and requests that you will need to deal with, balancing your employee’s demands with the needs of your business.

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Property Investors & Landlords

The UK residential property sector has been adversely affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and it is essential that investors and landlords understand their position during the crisis.

Coronavirus; Guidance for the property sector


In such unprecedented times, the obligations of Trustees are amplified. Many, as a result of the crisis, will need to take steps to safeguard their organisation and to continue to fulfil their charitable objectives, all whilst protecting those individuals associated with the charity.

Coronavirus; Guidance for charities | Charity Commission Guidance

Personal tax planning

It’s not just businesses that have been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic, but individuals and families too. When it comes to personal tax planning, our tax advisers adopt a proactive approach to working with you, which means that you’ll always be one step ahead – we’ll keep you informed about changes to legislation and tax policy, and we will help you to identify opportunities to minimise your tax bill in compliance with UK tax law.

  • Inheritance Tax (IHT) – lockdown has undoubtedly given many of us the opportunity to think more about the future and, in some instances, what we can do to ensure our family are cared for once we are gone. More Wills are being written and reviewed as a result of the Coronavirus, as people take steps to ensure their wishes are met and families supported. When preparing a Will, it is important to consider how Inheritance Tax (IHT) may affect your estate and whether your beneficiaries could be left with a significant tax bill. Inheritance Tax Planning | Could you claim an Inheritance Tax refund in the wake of Coronavirus | 2020/21 Tax Planning Checklist
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