On 1 September, two of our cloud accounting champions – Samantha Green and Debbie Harman – were delighted to be invited along to the Digital Accountancy Show 2021, which was held at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London.

The show is designed to bring technology and software providers together with accountancy firms, to facilitate exploration of the doors that digital can open in respect of servicing clients, and the opportunities it creates for practices themselves to improve efficiency within their own business.

Talking about what the day had to offer and some of the standout solutions being showcased, Samantha said: “We had a really good day and met a number of companies offering interesting digital solutions and apps.

“The standouts for me were Reducer and ApprovalMax. I was impressed by what Reducer had to offer, particularly with regard to saving our clients’ money! We’ve already spoken to ApprovalMax since the conference, about the possibility of getting some of our clients utilising their system.

“Above all else, a remark that I heard on the day really resonated with me because I think it speaks to what we are ultimately working to help our clients understand, and that is that when it comes to embracing digital tools, we need to ‘Build a car, not a faster horse’.”

The show was also an opportunity to talk to other accountancy firms about their experiences of implementing digital solutions for their own benefit, and their clients.

Debbie said: “Whilst it was great to catch up with some of the market-leaders such as Xero and Sage, and to hear about their plans for the future, it was also really valuable to be able to talk to other accountants about the software they had found to be the most beneficial for their clients.

“Dan and the team at the Digital Accountancy Show did really well to involve so many relevant suppliers.”

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