This Highlight should reach you the week before the Nation celebrates the Platinum Jubilee of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

It is extremely rare for a platinum celebration of any sorts and is a huge devotion of service by Her Majesty, over a very long period.  Whilst royalty brings with it many perks and privileges, it also involves being permanently in the public gaze with every aspect of their life under scrutiny.

The Queen has seen many changes and has adapted the Royal Family as social life and technology has changed.  The family or “firm” as it is fondly known have taken the monarchy into the 21st Century. It is a microcosm of the whole business world.  George Hay in 1952 would have been a whole lot different to George Hay in 2022, not least with the introduction of computers.  In 1952, prospective students would have paid the firm to train them as a Chartered Accountant, sadly it is now the other way round!!

At George Hay, we have of course changed to reflect modern practices, as an example, our new Cloud Accounting division is providing excellent service to meet the modern world. Yet, like the Queen, the modernisation has come with us still keeping traditional business values, such as professionalism and integrity.

Fifteen Prime Ministers and twenty-two Chancellor of the Exchequers later, the Queen has reached her milestone and we send her our congratulations.

I hope you enjoy your Platinum Jubilee break if you are having one.

You should make the most of it as the next similar holiday could be the Silver Jubilee to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the reign of King William V. I doubt I will be here to see it.

Have fun.

PS: As some of you may know in my spare time, I am a Cub Scout Leader. When it was the Diamond Jubilee, I was presenting the Cubs with a special badge to wear.

I explained to them that jubilee celebrations were held in June as although she became Queen on 6th February 1952, she never celebrated that day as it was the day her father died.

One of my Cubs replied – “No way, how unlucky is that – the day you become Queen, your dad dies”.

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