It was just four months ago, I was writing in our May Highlight, an article congratulating HM Queen Elizabeth on reaching her Platinum Jubilee.

Along with the rest of the country, at George Hay we have been shocked and saddened by her death.  Countless tributes have already been paid and it would have been extremely difficult not to have become emotionally involved in the Nation’s grief.

I am sure you watched the new King grapple with his responsibilities in his new position whilst coming to terms with his personal sorrow and shared in his grief.   The processions in Scotland and London, the lying in State and the funeral experience paid tribute to an inspirational individual.  The fact that so many world leaders attended the Queen’s funeral was an acknowledgement of the Majesty’s standing and respect for her across the Globe.

There is the famous saying, “the only certainty in life, are death and taxes”.  For the last 70 years, it was very easy to add “and the Queen” to that Statement.  However, as will happen to us all, death becomes the ultimate victor.

We can thank her Majesty for a service to others covering seven decades and acknowledge the role she has played in all of our lives.

It may no longer be the Queen, but our thoughts and prayers are with His Majesty as he leads us going forward.

God Save The King.

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