Spotlight on… Lulu Huang

Lulu joined George Hay in July 2017 as a Trainee Accountant in our Huntingdon office. She completed her AAT qualification in April 2019 and is now studying towards ACA, with the intention of achieving chartered status.

Q1. Describe George Hay in one word?


Q2. We hear that you’re quite a dab hand at cooking! What’s your signature dish?

I’d probably say, traditional Chinese Dumplings with Leek and Pork filling!

Q3. Describe yourself in three words?

It’s always difficult to describe yourself, so I asked my colleagues! Hard-working, organised and dedicated.

Q4. Can you tell us one interesting/fun fact about yourself, that we wouldn’t already know?

When I was in middle school, we used to sing a song at the start of every lesson, and I was a lead singer!

Q5. This month marks your 2nd year at George Hay! How has your role changed in that time and what do you enjoy most about working here?

My role has definitely changed; the level of responsibility I have has increased in those two years. One of the best things about working for the company, is the variety of work that comes my way.

Q6. I think it’s safe to say summer is here! So, if you were out for the day and the ice cream van turned up – what would you buy?

I don’t eat ice cream that much, so I can’t say I have a favourite. I think I would just pick at random and hope for the best!

Q7. What motivated you to pursue a career in accountancy and what advice would you give to other people wanting to do the same?

I was good at maths when I was at school; my maths teacher used to ask me to help to correct class work for other students. Accountancy is not only about maths though – it involves problem-solving and an eye for detail too, which I like!

The advice I would give to others is that it is hard work, (winning the lottery would obviously be easier), but in all seriousness – if you are dedicated and willing to put in the hours, the results are worth it!

Q8. What would we find at the top of your bucket list?

I would love to go walking through the rain forest in South America and to go on Safari!

Q9. Your website profile tells us that you haven’t always lived in the UK – can you share with us something you love about the UK, and something you love about where you grew up?

I love the nature and scenery in the UK! Something I love about my hometown is that, you will never have to eat the same thing twice – there is such an abundance of different foods that you could experience something new 365 days a year!

In my hometown, there are also lots of different festivals that we observe throughout the year – which are great!

Q10. What do you hope to achieve at George Hay, in the next 12 months?

I’ll be continuing my studies, and hopefully a few steps closer to achieving chartered status.

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