Audit Services

Many businesses must undergo an annual audit in order to fulfil statutory obligations. At George Hay, our experienced auditors can help you meet all your audit obligations and add real value to the process.

We go a step further when carrying out your audit, by turning what many businesses view as a regulatory burden into a useful review of your financial statements,  helping to  inform your decision-making and forward planning.

We will keep you informed throughout every stage of the audit process and we will deliver audit reports and management reports designed to help you improve your business, ensuring that your internal controls and systems run effectively and efficiently.

Businesses may also require an audit to ensure they satisfy the requirements of a grant they have received. Our specialist grant auditors can carry out the necessary audit of grant spending and provide all the appropriate documentation in a timely manner to meet each particular funding provider’s requirements.

Businesses that do not require a statutory audit or grant audit may also choose to undergo a voluntary audit, for example to satisfy lenders when sourcing funding, or to demonstrate credibility to shareholders and other stakeholders or to strengthen financial discipline within the business. A voluntary audit could also be useful to interested parties, such as potential purchasers, in the event of an exit from the business.

For more information about our audits and grant audits in Biggleswade, Letchworth and Huntingdon, please contact us.

Specialist EU LIFE Grant Auditors

As well as the statutory audit services that we provide, we are also Specialist EU LIFE Grant Auditors, which means we have experience in completing audit reports for submission to the European Commission in cases where the EU has provided a LIFE grant to an organisation in the UK.

We fully meet all the LIFE conditions for being an independent auditor and we have many years experience in acting for national charities and organisations and in undertaking their LIFE audits. We are familiar with all the common provisions for LIFE projects and we only use staff who are experienced in this area.

No matter where you are based in the UK, our team can act for you and we currently have EU LIFE clients across the UK. Our pricing is extremely competitive and we can provide fixed fees if you prefer.

We can also provide interim reporting and we are dedicated to providing you with a service that is personal to you and you needs. Throughout the whole process we offer you clear and regular communications and complete clarity regarding what documentation you need to provide and all the obligations that need to be met.

Our grant audit team is also experienced in completing specific grant audit reports for a wide variety of other sources of funding and we would be happy to discuss your audit requirements in relation to any grant where an external auditor needs appointing.

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