Company tax enquiries can range from a simple enquiry relating to a single entry in the accounts or corporation tax return, to a full enquiry challenging the fundamental accuracy of the accounts and/or tax return.

Full enquiries will almost certainly involve HMRC undertaking a detailed examination of the business books and records and will sometimes result in parallel enquiries being opened into the personal tax affairs of the directors.

A full enquiry might entail HMRC reviewing not only the corporation tax liability, but also any PAYE or VAT liabilities. Where additional liabilities are claimed by HMRC to have arisen, there will often be consequences for the personal tax positions of the directors concerned, which may also need to be negotiated with HMRC.

We have many years’ experience in acting for companies subjected to HMRC enquiries. We have the skills and the knowledge to help you through what can often be a difficult process and to negotiate effectively on your behalf to reach a satisfactory conclusion.