Most personal tax enquiries, often referred to as ‘compliance checks’, are carried out by HMRC’s local compliance teams, although other specialist offices can be involved. Such enquiries can cover any aspect of a person’s potential liability to tax.

As the HMRC leaflet CC/FS1 states, HMRC wants you to pay ‘the right amount of tax’, and it carries out checks to ensure that this is the case.

Unfortunately, grey areas or differences in interpretation of the law can often complicate enquiries. Furthermore, what HMRC considers to be the ‘right amount’ might not be the right amount as far as the taxpayer or his adviser is concerned.

In these circumstances, having skilled tax specialists, who specialise in dealing with HMRC enquiries, is essential if your best interests are to be protected. We are well versed in the relevant tax laws and practices governing tax investigations and so we can identify and challenge any weaknesses in HMRC’s arguments. This in turn helps us to eliminate any ambiguity and negotiate to your advantage.