HMRC are changing how they let you know they’ve issued a Self Assessment (SA) BACS electronic repayment. There is no change to the repayment process itself, so you will still receive any monies owed to you through your bank as normal.

From 7 December 2023, HMRC will no longer send a letter informing you or us as your agent, of a Self Assessment repayment, as these letters often arrive after the repayment has been made leading to confusion.

HMRC are also making IT improvements to the digital notifications for SA repayments (where taxpayers opted to receive an email rather than a letter), which means HMRC have temporarily paused these digital notifications. HMRC will advise when they have been reinstated.

You will still receive repayments into your chosen bank account as usual, and can see any transactions on your online account and the HMRC app.

If you need any clarity on your tax repayments or would like to understand and review your transactions on your HMRC account, please make contact with your usual advisor.

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