Being a business owner has its advantages. Running your business your way, being the decision-maker, owning your time; these are the things that motivate so many people to be enterprising and to venture out on their own.

Still, it’s also easy to feel cut off from those around you when you’re buried in paperwork, or agonising over small details, and you’re bound to face challenges along the way. Some challenges are commonplace amongst directors and, often, the burning questions are ones that can be easily answered!

That’s why we’re in the process of devising a series of FAQs, to cover a range of the issues that we find ourselves being approached about most often.

Our aim is to save you hours spent trawling the internet for articles, that don’t always get to the point, and to bring you the information you need to stop ‘wondering’ and to start focussing on the bigger things.

The FAQs will be made available in a central Hub on our website, in the coming months, so do check back regularly.

If there are questions you would like to see answered as part of this new Hub, email us at with your suggestions.

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