Jordan joined the team in Letchworth, back in September 2017, as a Trainee Accountant.

Having passed her Level 3 AAT, she is now studying towards Level 4 in order to become a fully qualified accountant.

Q1. You’re currently studying towards your Level 4 AAT qualification. How does working as part of the team at George Hay help you with your studies?

On the job training is really useful and means I’m able to approach my studies and exams with confidence. There’s always someone on hand to help!

Q2. What three words would you use to describe yourself?

Hard working, thoughtful and sociable.

Q3. With 25th December less than a month away, do you have a favourite film that always gets you in the Christmas spirit?

The Grinch! (I’ve already seen it once this year… in October. Is that too early?) – but I can assure you I’m no Grinch, I love Christmas!

Q4. What would we find at the top of your bucket-list?

To see as much of the world as possible.

Q5. Food heaven and food hell?

I’ve got a very sweet tooth so my food heaven would have to be chocolate or (very specific) Costco Cookies! As for food hell…  I couldn’t possibly pick one – I’m very fussy!

Q6. What advice would you give to other young people who might be considering a career in accountancy?

Be prepared to sacrifice lots of time to study for exams! Secondly, don’t read too much into the stereotype that being an accountant is ‘boring’ – it’s a fun career path to be on and it becomes more and more interesting the more you learn!

Q7. Your profile tells us you are a keen dancer and gymnast! How did you become a premier championship dancer and what led you to compete?

At the age of 11 I trialled a local dance class and my teacher asked to put me straight into competitions and, from then on, I travelled the country every weekend to compete.

Within 10 months I was a premier champion and was sponsored. After achieving this so early on, I stopped competing in order to concentrate on my GCSE’s and now I utilise my experience to teach children twice a week.

Q8. Finish the sentence – My dream holiday destination is…

Bora Bora or the Maldives.

Q9. What is your favourite thing about working for George Hay?

The team of people that I work with!

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