Leah joined the Biggleswade office in early April 2017, as an Accounts Trainee and is currently studying towards her AAT qualification.

Q1. In April, you’ll have been with us for 2 years! Can you tell us a bit about how your role has developed in that time?

My role has developed significantly during my 2 years at George Hay. I started my career here working mainly on simple bookkeeping jobs. As I have progressed, my work load has increased, and I’ve taken on new responsibilities, with which comes more variety in my daily routine. I have gained experience in preparing financial accounts and I’m currently taking on management accounts, which I really enjoy. I’ve also been given the opportunity to assist with the training of new staff, which has been very rewarding.

Q2. Have you made any New Year’s resolutions and if so, what are they?

I’ve decided not to make any this year, simply because I never stick to them!

Q3. Describe George Hay in one word?


Q4. Where is the best place you’ve travelled to, and somewhere you’d love to go in the future?

I love St Lucia! My parents got married there and it’s a really beautiful place. I would love to go somewhere like Bali, or the Maldives, one day!

Q5. Describe yourself in three words?

I always find this difficult to do so I asked my colleagues instead! They described me as competitive, hardworking and modest…

Q6. The best thing about working for George Hay is…

All the lovely, hardworking and helpful people I get to work with; both colleagues and clients.

Q7. We know you recently celebrated your 21st birthday! If you could have invited four famous people to celebrate with you, who would you have chosen and why?

Justin Bieber and Ian Somerhalder because I just love them, and probably Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande, because I think they’d be a lot of fun!

Q8. The Biggleswade office has been established for 80 years this year – what do you think is the secret to longevity in business?

A happy work-force, maintaining good working relationships with clients and being able to adapt effectively to change.

Q9. Food heaven and food hell?

Food heaven would have to be bread and food hell is definitely Pot Noodles!

Q10. Name something that was popular during your childhood, but isn’t now, that you wish you could bring back?

I’m actually struggling to think of an answer to this. My childhood doesn’t seem that long ago, having only just turned 21, and I think a lot of the things that were popular then are still popular now.


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